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iLabs provides facilities for small teams to develop the concept demonstrators that explore the potential business applications of new technologies. At the iLabs, we probe the boundaries of technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, Machine Learning Advance Analytics and Robotic Process Automation to show our clients how to apply them effectively. But to do this in the best way possible, we needed the right working environment. Ixtel focuses on open technologies and highvalue solutions, deliver integration and innovation to clients, and become the premier globally integrated enterprise.

Collaborative innovation with Big Thinking – Big Thinking provides a stage for people who have an innovative idea and what that idea to be transformed into visible business for ixtel & its customers.

Objectives of Big Thinking

ixtel iLabs has established a Customer Innovation Engagement programme through iLabs which uses ixtel innovation capabilities to create an innovation engagement between ixtel & selected ixtel customers as part of the process. The programme is designed to achieve a Win-Win situation.

Customer Win - The customer has access to ixtel & it’s partner research and innovation program mes providing an opportunity to collaborate with ixtel and to identify and develop opportunities to use these new technologies to drive business effectiveness and efficiency.

ixtel win - ixtel gains insight into business and sector challenges and opportunities, with the oppo rtunity to feed this insight into its research and development activities

The engagement follows a four stage process; initial customer selection is where either innovatio on engagement has been requested as part of the program, or where ixtel believes Innovation can be added to the program to specifically add value for the customer. Once the customer has been selected, the innovation lead, from head of digital transofrmation works with the team to an understand the customers’ business, plus their challenge and opportunity areas. Once this is understood, ixtel innovation is mapped to these areas and a tailored programme of innovation relevant to that customer is created. This programme is presented to the customer via a worksho p format with the objective of discussing the content and scope as well as extending understandi ng on both sides with regards to the customer’s challenge/opportunity areas and ixtel innovation capability. From this workshop potential collaboration areas are agreed and a plan for execution is developed. The process of evolving, agreeing and executing the programme is an ongoing process with strong personal relationships being developed to enable open and direct sharing of interest areas and innovation developments.

Currently ixtel is engaging with a number of customers as part of its Customer Innovation Engage ment programme, a few examples of the innovation topics that ixtel is working on with lead customers are:

Applying ixtel advanced Real Time Retail Business Intelligence innovation to the complex data management issues in the retail & financial services industry. These advanced algorithms develop ed to enable ixtel to efficiently manage customer experience based on a real (right) time view of business performance are now being evaluated for use within these two industry sectors where more effective management of business ‘levers’ against business performance is critical.

The work we’re doing
Innovation Center - iLabs

The ixtel Innovation Centre iLabs has been established to deliver a wide range of the latest technical services to our clients.

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