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Modern Data Architecture with Data Lake

Without the Data Model and tools, data can completely fail to provide business value Data lakes remain an ideal repository for storing all types of historical and transactional data to be ingested,

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Intelligent Robotic Process Automation

Expedite Business Processes, Reduce Errors And Cut Costs Robotic Process Automation enables enterprises to create true virtual workforces that drive business agility and efficiency.

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Discover why conversation is the new art of business survival

Improve your customer experience with the conversational AI

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RISK – Resolving the Information Security Kaleidoscope Programme 

An Information Security Proposition from ixtel

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Intelligence-Driven Security & Cyber Threat Intelligence

The phases of Threat Intelligence lifecycle and the sources of Threat intelligence

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Threat Intelligence for Vulnerability Management

Examines how intelligence helps priortising vulnerabilities based on true risk to enterprise

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Five Crucial Criteria of a Comprehensive Customer Analytics Platform

The key to unlocking the value of your customer data is analytics Based on experience working with innovative companies using customer analytics to gain a competitive advantage,

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A Chatbot for Your Contact Centre

Implementing a conversational platform to support agents and provide an omnichannel customer experience

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